KM Zadels saddles are designed, tested and developed by highly experienced experts, allowing riders and horses to perform optimally! </ strong>

From public tests at the NHB Deurne it has been established that the saddles have a perfect fit on the back of the horse, that they distribute the pressure optimally and give the horse the most possible freedom of movement. These tests have been carried out in collaboration with Carolien Munsters, she has been promoted in the sport physiology of the horse.

The saddles are wide on the spine and have a lot of shoulder freedom. This is evident from years of practical experience. Many horses with (back) problems you see refurbishing under a saddle of KM Zadels. As a result, many equine physiotherapists and chiropractors, among others Rodinde Hoogeraad, advise their clients to use a KM Zadels saddle.

We have our KM Zadels saddles produced in our own factory in England. This factory is affiliated with the Society of Master Saddlers. This association has existed for over 50 years and strives to allow only the best factories to join their association, every year.
Doordat wij alles in eigen beheer hebben kunnen we ieder zadel naar wens aanpassen. KM Zadels gaat mee met de moderne tij; het is mogelijk om uw zadel naar wens te personaliseren en hierbij is bijna alles mogelijk!


The back vertebra of a horse runs over the middle of the back. The saddle tree of a saddle also runs over the middle of the horse’s back and can therefore block the spine. With the saddles of KM Zadels this is not the case, because the saddle tree is considerably wider than the standard saddle tree. The result is that there is no pressure on the spine. This allows the vertebra to move more freely and will minimize the chance of back problems with your horse.


The width of the special KM Zadels saddle tree also ensures that the pressure is better distributed over the two saddle pads. The wide saddle tree supports better in the middle of both cushions, instead of on the inside. With a normal saddle the pressure on the cushions would be very close to the spine, but with the KM WORLDRIDING saddles the pressure is just further away from the spine. As a result, there are much fewer blockages that allow the horse to move more freely and easily.


In the case of KM Zadels saddles, the branches running from the saddle tree to, inter alia, the sweat blades are flexible. The saddle can thus follow the movements of the horse and will join. The saddle thereby stimulates the movement instead of breaking down the movement.


The filling of the KM Zadels saddles is English sheep’s wool, in the Netherlands this quality wool is used very rarely. This wool adapts completely to the back of the horse. This means that a new KM Zadels saddle must be checked and adjusted once after 3 months. This is because the wool forms and then needs to be corrected. This can be done on the spot during a minor operation. Then we recommend checking the location of your saddle once a year.

The cushions of the KM Zadels saddles are also filled in a special way, so that the cushions are not round, but flat. As a result, the back muscles are evenly loaded and there is no pressure point anywhere.


The leather used for the KM Zadels saddles is of a high quality. The saddles are made of English leather which means that the leather is very smooth and soft. Together with the wool it forms to the back of the horse. This makes it an optimal shock absorber.


As a rider it is important that a saddle is as comfortable as possible. You should support the saddle but not hold it tight. Here too, attention was paid to the KM Zadels saddles. You can decide for yourself whether you want a deep or flatter seat. The knee jumps are also available in many different types and sizes. This way we ensure that the horse can move optimally and the rider can sit optimally!