Alex van Silfhout

Alex van Silfhout started, after completing the equestrian training in Deurne, his equestrian career at stallion stud and riding school De Nieuwe Heuvel in Lunteren. Alex also rode different horses to the Grand Prix. Currently he runs with his family ’Stal van Silfhout‘ and he is busy with the training of Diederik and many other […]

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Jaclynn Otten

Wowwww what a feeling, that’s what I thought when I rode my KM saddle for the first time. From then on I knew for sure, never another saddle for me. For my ponies Cupido and Dreamboy I use the same saddle, the KM Custom Made, really nice that I can ride both ponies with the […]

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Joanne Neidhofer

My name is Joanne Neidhofer and I’m 18 years old/ Together with my previous pony Popeye I competed Z2 international level at the ponies and ZZ-Zwaar level at the horses. At the moment I’m shining with my princess JNH burgthoeve’s London in the Z1 class horses. Last year I competed with her in the Z1 […]

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Sanne Beijerman

I’ve been riding alone on KM saddles for years, they give my horses a lot of comfort and they are also very nice for me as a rider.
I am also more than satisfied with the saddle fitting service!

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Jolanda de Hoop

Jolanda de Hoop founded her horse Michiel herself up to the highest level; the Grand-Prix and starts succesfully!

On the advice of my vet I started to inquire about the KM saddle. I started riding it and am very satisfied with it, I have more feeling with my horse, which is a must for every dressage rider! Remarkable was that the changes went even easier with smaller aids. It was also easier for me to sit upright and it has a nice leg position.

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