Maintenance tips for your KM Zadels saddle

It is important to properly maintain your saddle for longer life. Sweat and dirt attack the leather, for a good care we have some tips:

  1. Brush off dirt and dust. Use a soft brush, for example a shoe polisher brush.
  2. Remove the rest of the dirt with a damp cloth.
  3. Let the saddle dry, give the leather the chance to absorb the moisture.
  4. Treat the saddle with leather balm.
  5. Never let the saddle dry in bright sunlight.
  6. Do not use saddle supports that support the saddle cushions. These deform the cushions.
  7. For the maintenance of the saddle we advise you to step up with a step.
  8. Make sure that the girths are not turned.
  9. Always remove the girth from the saddle when you are hanging your saddle away. As a result, the girths will not wear as quickly.
  10. Never let your deck dry under your saddle. As a result, the wool in the cushions becomes moist and lumps form faster.