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When we have aroused your interest in one of our saddles, a saddle fitter from KM Saddles will visit you with the saddles. Together with you, he looks at which type of saddle suits you and your horse best. We take the size of your horse and fit the saddle. You can indicate your preferences with regard to the length of the flaps, knee rolls, leather type and color of the leather. In addition, you can personalize your saddle with glitter or lacquer details to your liking. No costs are charged for the fitting cunsultation. If you do not want to order a saddle, we charge consultation fees and call-out costs .

Do you want a check up or an adjustment to your saddle? Our saddle fitters are happy to help you.

Serviceprices KM Zadels

Consult €25,00
Fitting consultation* €95,00
Adjusting the Filling €110,00
Correction of the saddle €110,00
Complete new filling
€250,00 (saddle center)
Replace girth €32,50 (saddle center)
Lend saddle

These prices do not include call-out costs. It is also possible to come to our saddle center with your horse.

When purchasing a new saddle we advise you to have the saddle checked between 3-6 months. The costs are € 50.00 excl. Call-out costs.

Call-out costs (calculated from saddle center) *

0-30 km €25,00
30-60 km €50,00
60-100 km €75,00
>100 km in consultation

* When purchasing a new saddle, these prizes will be canceled.

Our maintenance items

Maintenance tips for your KM Zadels saddle

It is important to properly maintain your saddle for a longer life. Sweat and dirt affect the leather, we have a number of tips for proper care:

  1. Brush off dirt and dust. Use a soft brush, for example a shoe polish brush.
  2. Remove the rest of the dirt with a damp cloth.
  3. Let the saddle dry, give the leather a chance to absorb the moisture.
  4. Treat the saddle with leather balm.
  5. Never allow the saddle to dry in strong sunlight.
  6. Do not use seat supports that support the seat cushions. These deform the cushions.
  7. To preserve the saddle, we advise you to get on with a step.
  8. Make sure that the girth straps are not twisted.
  9. Always remove the girth from the saddle when you hang your saddle away.
  10. As a result, the girth straps wear less quickly.
  11. Never let your cover dry under your saddle. As a result, the wool in the cushions becomes damp and lumps form more quickly.